elan yacht charter croatia

If you were with several friends and desired to dance until morning, you win. (This isle merely got better and better.) The countryside may seem calm and peaceful, but the locals joke that every stone on Sukosan holds a cannon that is hidden. In fact, there are 13 kilometers of submarine and atomic bomb tunnels on the isle. We went into one among them that looked out onto the sea. We cruised around Sukosan and discovered a submarine tunnel jump off and to swim into. (That's a deep, deep dive, and I did not try it.) We took a dingy into the blue grotto off Ugljan overseen by an officious, thuggish man who asked for a nominal but annoying «entrance fee.» I was so happy we chartered a yacht! We sat in the sunshine, playing music very loudly, leaping off the side of the boat and dropped anchor in an empty cove. We discussed and rested, read novels and failed to uncover WiFi. www

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